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Best podcast for relaxing/sleep

I’ve been listening for a long time now and I still get excited every Monday when a new episode comes out! This is my favorite podcast.


This is a great show and it really helps me relax. If I could I would give it six stars.


I set a sleep timer for twenty minutes, and this works every time. So delightful.


Hello! Since I don't have an email or instagram account, can you do an episode about the Amur leopard? (Btw the shows awesome it helps me sleep) 2021 update: Still 5 stars but can you try to record more often? ( no pressure) I hope u r having a good year and podcast is awesome. Here's an idea for a catch phrase : Relax! Sleep, listen, and learn and relax while learning! 😄😁

Thank you 🙏

I would just like to say thank you so much for this podcast. It’s very relaxing and I use it to go to sleep because I get scared really easily, even though I’m thirteen. I really love how open minded this is and I really love how it picks out one specific animal not a whole lode of animals . I also have a request for a future episode. Could you do one on Donkeys? I have five miniature Mediterranean donkeys whom I love very much. Most have round belly and we like to say that that they are round because they’re filled with love ❤️

Found this looking for alpaca information!

Great way to wind down before bed! Interesting and relaxing at the same time.

Excellent Podcast!

I recently discovered this podcast to learn more about Alpacas and I wasn’t disappointed! Great info and the host has a calming, soothing voice that makes for an enjoyable podcast! 5 stars!