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Some suggestions

Hey hey I am very new here and I have some animals I would love to seeeeeeeee 1 whites tree frogs they are sooo cute 2 hermit crabs I have some of them and they are so cute🥰 I don’t have many more but I hope you see this and do some of them :)


Love this podcast! My gf and I listen to it every night. I randomly tell my friends animal facts! Please do an episode about the otter and the coyote! -Michael and Crystal


This is great! This is super relaxing and Informative. I’m listening from the island of Barbados where they have an abundance of animals and I love that I get to learn about some of them!

Good for anytime!

A friend showed this to me to help me sleep. I love all of it. Relaxing, yes, but super informative and engaging if you want to listen but so chill if you want to zone out.

It’s perfect stop hating

This is a perfect pod cast stop looking for reasons not to like it by looking at the ratings just vibe with this dude Hey can you talk about porcupines please Your podcast is sooo good

My son loves.

My 5 year old loves animals and often falls asleep to a podcast. I love the reminders to relax. My son also loves reptiles (I blame you for our pending visit to a far away zoo to see a Komodo dragon) and would request more episodes on reptiles—maybe King Cobras? Thank you!

Great podcast

Perfect for me.. eases my anxiety and easy to fall asleep to.

So soothing!

The narrator has an incredibly soothing voice and I hope he gets as much out of making it as I do out of listening to it.

Love it !!!

I listen to this when I am doing my school work or just need to relax and it helps so much!! It relaxes me so much one time I fell asleep while listening. (Though I don’t know if it was the math or the podcast) if I could give it SIX STARS I WOULD!!

Thank you!

I already thought this podcast was amazing but I am really amazed with Stefan! I requested the squirrel podcast assuming I wouldn’t hear back but to my surprise I received a response. Stefan was very attentive and great! This podcast is so calming and relaxing. I love that I can be at ease and learn some fun facts. Def recommend this podcast! ..also love when he stops to drink some tea😇😂

Such a calming podcast

This is my favorite podcast to listen to at night when I just need to relax. I also love hearing about the animals!

Best podcast for relaxing/sleep

I’ve been listening for a long time now and I still get excited every Monday when a new episode comes out! This is my favorite podcast.


This is a great show and it really helps me relax. If I could I would give it six stars.


I set a sleep timer for twenty minutes, and this works every time. So delightful.


Hello! Since I don't have an email or instagram account, can you do an episode about the Amur leopard? (Btw the shows awesome it helps me sleep) 2021 update: Still 5 stars but can you try to record more often? ( no pressure) I hope u r having a good year and podcast is awesome. Here's an idea for a catch phrase : Relax! Sleep, listen, and learn and relax while learning! 😄😁

Thank you 🙏

I would just like to say thank you so much for this podcast. It’s very relaxing and I use it to go to sleep because I get scared really easily, even though I’m thirteen. I really love how open minded this is and I really love how it picks out one specific animal not a whole lode of animals . I also have a request for a future episode. Could you do one on Donkeys? I have five miniature Mediterranean donkeys whom I love very much. Most have round belly and we like to say that that they are round because they’re filled with love ❤️

Found this looking for alpaca information!

Great way to wind down before bed! Interesting and relaxing at the same time.

Excellent Podcast!

I recently discovered this podcast to learn more about Alpacas and I wasn’t disappointed! Great info and the host has a calming, soothing voice that makes for an enjoyable podcast! 5 stars!