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This podcast is amazing I love animals and this podcast teaches me a lot about animals and it is also very relaxing and puts me to sleep every night keep it up -From the US

Unique Approach

I appreciate the unique approach this podcast uses to not only relax us, but educate us. I love learning about animals and nature, and always learn interesting and important information every time I tune it. Please continue the great work, your enthusiasm and professionalism is outstanding! I would love to listen to you spotlight the Diamondback Terrapin. - Nick C. , Minnesota

I love it

It’s so calming and it lets me go to sleep so fast. But do you think you could move on to the facts already and stop saying so much other stuff in the beginning? The last episode I listened to there were 8 minutes of only blabbering about other stuff. But otherwise the podcast is really good so you get 5 stars! And could you do an episode on axolotls? (BTW I’m 11 and from the US) Thanks! -Alice

I love it

It’s so calming and it lets me go to sleep so fast. Could you do an episode on axolotls? Thanks! -Alice


I listen to this podcast every night and I always fall asleep. His voice is so calming and easy to follow and I always am able to get rid of all my tension in my body. When ever I listen to his podcast I barley ever make it to the end. PS. Please do bison. From Rowan in the United States. Thank you

Great!…. One thing though

I haven’t watched this for long but I think it’s cool. One thing though, the intros are quite long and I just want to learn the facts.

How does he do it?

Stef Wolfe has an incredibly soothing voice and speech pattern. I dare anyone to stay awake while listening to this. The material is intriguing and makes one want to keep listening, but Mr. Wolfe exudes a level of serenity which cannot be resisted.

Keeping calm during hurricane Ian

So glad I stumbled across this wonderful podcast! Stefan does an amazing job narrating fascinating animal facts—this podcast is soon to be a family favorite. Especially now as we try to keep calm in the path of hurricane Ian.


it helps me relax and fall asleep without fail!!!

What a pleasure!

Thanks for this delightful Podcast. Stef’s voice is calm and evokes a sweetness which I think is indicative of his enjoyment in presenting this podcast as well as his genuine interest in animals. Would love an episode featuring the Bush Baby. My daughter who lives several states away in Montana has also begun listening. It’s another way for us to connect. Carin in Columbus, Ohio

Super relaxing!

My name is Bec and I am 23. I am from the US and love to listen to your podcast while I’m coloring at night! I’d love to learn more about dolphins! Happy trails!

My favorite podcast

Hi my name is beckett i loooooove this podcast my top favorite one im 10 years old and I listen to it every night and it helps me sleep and could you do a episode on the mole if you didn’t do it or maybe the iguana so ya great podcast I love it 😄👍

Super awesome podcast

I love this podcast whenever I am feeling stressed the podcast always helps me calm down.Can you please do the Black bear if you haven’t already.Thanks!

Amazing podcast, I would highly recommend!

I LOVE this podcast. I was looking for a relaxing and soothing podcast to help with my anxiety. I love animals and I enjoy learning new things about animals as well. I was so pleasantly surprised to find a podcast that offers relaxation and knowledge of animals all in one, it was exactly what I was looking for. Stef Wolfe is amazing with his podcast; he gives intriguing facts and his voice is lovely to listen to. I am so glad I found this podcast because it helps me stay relaxed when I am cleaning, walking, driving in my car, or falling asleep.

Super helpful for anxiety!

Hi! This podcast is such a safe place for those suffering, like me, from anxiety. I recently decided to continue my education and my nerves have been all over the place. At the end of my day or on my drive home, I can put on this podcast and root myself, while learning cool facts! 10/10 would recommend. Please feature the Fruit Bat on one of your episodes! Thanks for the great content.

Great Podcast!

This podcast helps fall asleep so much they are so many animals that we can listen to! I have learned so much from you! For night time your soft slow voice is soothing Thanks so much! ❤️


It’s good I like it

Exactly what I needed.

Stef Wolfe gives you the low down on all of our fellow animals while keeping a calm and soothing tone. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this!!

Grateful for this podcast

Relax With Animal Facts has been such a wonderful blessing for me. Stef’s soothing voice helps my mind calm down and I absolutely love learning about all of the cool animals on earth. I really appreciate the extraordinary efforts and true dedication that Stef Wolfe puts into making each episode. His kindness and genuine appreciation for every listener is so pure and lovely. I’m sooooo happy to have discovered this amazing podcast and it is an important part of my evening routine. Thank you endlessly for creating it and keep up the excellent work. In a future episode I hope to learn about the Wallaby, I think they’re really cool and awesome. Thanks very much again!


I’m loving the show, your voice is always so soothing.😴😴😴😴👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m from the us . Can you please do a episode on the sawfish????????

The only way I can fall asleep

This podcast has seriously saved me. After dealing with a major surgery I was having trouble with anxiety when trying to sleep. I tried meditation, sleep stories, and many different podcasts and found that this is the one for me. I love the new format with the facts in the beginning so now I can learn a few things before drifting off to sleep. I’d absolutely love an episode on highland cows. Thank you for the great pod!


One of the best podcast ever I love animals but I have so much going on so I love just putting in my earbuds and learning about animals I listen before bed and whale I am working love this podcast you should seriously listen to the show


The only thing I hate about this podcast is I didn’t find it sooner. I love listening every night before bed. Your voice is sooo soothing. I love how I can hear you smile. I can tell you truly love doing this and I love listening. Please keep the eps coming!!

Thank you

Where are you you have not updated in a long long time. Are you ok?

Appreciate the Format Change!!

My son, Layne, loves this podcast for bedtime. And since you started your housekeeping in the beginning, he falls asleep before he can hear the facts. He loves this show and has been listening almost every night for at least a year, so we’re really excited. I’m pretty sure he was an animal in a past life. ☺️🥰😴

Thank you

This podcast is so awesome and it helps me sleep also thank you thank you so much for the awesome podcast yep and can you maybe do the black caiman I think they are cool please🥺

Thank you Stefan!! Facts 4ever

Thank you Stefan for bringing your genuine enthusiasm and passion for animals to a delightful and educational podcast. I was having serious anxiety and major difficulties falling asleep for months, and was fortunate to happen upon your podcast. Your soothing intonation coupled with your joy in sharing has truly changed they way I’m able to calmly drift asleep with a quieted mind. I’m truly so grateful. Supportive of the format change, but also it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me. But thank you for being so positive and open to feedback. It reinforces how authentically kind you are. Thank you!!!!

Don’t change your format, it’s perfect!

Don’t change your format or style because of a couple of haters! I, and I think most, enjoy your delivery and format of your show. The slow, measured delivery is a great vehicle for relaxation and your kind and friendly banter Is endearing. I’ve listened to your entire pod history at least a couple of times (though admittedly I am asleep for most of the journey)! Keep it up and format the show as you like! Thanks!

Five Stars!

Love this podcast! Im too interested in the facts to fall asleep, but it really helps me relax after a long day. Likable host who clearly loves these creatures just as much as I do. More snakes pls.


I meant I love snakes I caught a frog and two salamander’s and now I am keeping them as pets