Relax With Animal Facts

Great podcast!

After an anxiety attack and a horrible headache, I couldn’t fall asleep. Usually brown noise does the trick, but this time nothing seemed to help.
It occurred to me that if I put an animal planet documentary, I might be able to fall asleep. But the light of my phone screen seemed made the headache even worse. A podcast about animal facts was the next logical idea, and that’s how I found this pod. Worked like a charm!! The detailed descriptions and imagery makes it incredibly easy to picture the animal, it’s habitat… I’m so glad I found this podcast. Made me feel so much better all around: I got to rest, I learned something new, and it eased my anxiety.

And the cool thing is that the next day I was also able to remember a fact or two! ♥️ which is a big plus

May 19, 2023 by Sarah Brightman on Apple Podcasts

Relax With Animal Facts