Relax With Animal Facts

My New Comfort

I have anxiety and can lie awake all night just thinking. I’ve tried mediation and I’ve tried a lot of podcasts but I’m very picky.

This podcast has been a miracle. Finding it and listening to it at night brings me such joy. Its so soothing that I feel like I’m falling asleep wjth a smile on my face.

I absolutely love animals, but in all honesty I have found my favorite parts of this podcast is the creator, Stefan Wolf.

Stef is incredibly genuine and it’s incredibly comforting. It feels like such a safe place. I feel like I get to not only learn about furry, scaley, and even slimey friends—but also a new friend. Someone that cares about my day and my opinions.

Everything about this podcast is 5 stars. I have had the most mental rest and joy while listening to my podcast. I used to make it through the entire episode and fall asleep easily after. Overtime, l have begun falling asleep during the episodes. So now I set timers for myself and go through about half an episode a night.

I highly recommend this podcast.

Oct. 30, 2021 by Drey9797 on Apple Podcasts

Relax With Animal Facts