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Anyone Can Talk

Anyone Can Talk is a book written by Stefan Wolfe, and is made for new podcasters who are early in their journey. Whether you are still considering possible podcast topics, or already have a growing show—the book is filled with practical advice to help you along.

If you want to make your podcasting experience easier, this work will be your perfect companion. Below is a masterlist of the hardware and downloadable material mentioned in the book.

To buy Anyone Can Talk, click here for a paperback copy, or here for the Ebook version.

Master List

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Budget Dynamic Microphones (Need Interface)

Budget Dynamic Microphones (Don't Need Interface)

Budget Condenser Microphones (Need Interface)

Budget Condenser Microphones (Don't Need Interface)

Budget Voice Recorders

Microphone Stand

Boom Arms: Gator Framework's 1000 Series and 2000 Series

Desktop Stands: Gators Framework Weighted Base and Moukey Mic Stand

Microphone Booster/Activator

Audio Interfaces For Mac (1-2 Microphones)

Audio Interfaces For Mac (More Than 2 Microphones)

* = significantly more expensive

Audio Interfaces For PC (Only 1 Microphone)

Audio Interfaces For PC (1-2 Microphones)

Audio Interfaces For PC (At Least Two Microphones)

EQ Presets for Different Voices

All of these were made by Josh Meyer (VoiceOverMaster on Youtube), and I am indebted to him for making my audio sound better.

For Men: Preset 1

For Women: Preset 1; Preset 2 (Boost & De-Esser); Preset 3; (see which sounds best for you)

How to use the EQ Preset on Audacity:

1. In Filter Curve EQ or Graphic EQ" click the Manage button
2. From the dropdown menu click Import...
3. Select the EQ TXT file and click on Open
4. Click Manage
5. Click Save
6. Save as "EQ Preset"
After you follow these steps, you're all set!